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Nondegree-seeking students

VCU students who take graduate courses but aren’t officially admitted to a degree program are classified as nondegree-seeking students.

To enroll in graduate courses as a nondegree-seeking student, individuals must be in their final semester or have graduated from a regionally accredited college or university. Information and forms certifying eligibility PDF to take graduate courses are available at VCU Records and Registration service centers or from the Office of Admissions.

Nondegree-seeking students may take as many credit hours as they want as long as they do well academically. In courses with limited enrollment, first priority goes to students who are admitted to the graduate program, followed by other VCU graduate students who are seeking degrees.

Nondegree-seeking students are not exempt from any course prerequisites. If a nondegree-seeking student later enrolls as a degree-seeking graduate student, he or she can only apply up to six credit hours earned as a nondegree-seeking student toward a degree. Please refer to the VCU Graduate Bulletin for policies regarding nondegree-seeking classification.