Staff member helping student at the Tomkins-McCaw Library

Financial aid

In addition to need-based financial aid awarded through the Office of Financial Aid, graduate students at VCU are eligible for university-sponsored financing options including scholarships, employment opportunities, fellowships and teaching assistantships. All forms of graduate student support are reported to the Office of Financial Aid and are considered when determining need-based support.

Graduate students should consult VCU’s tuition and fees schedule as well as the standards for determining in-state residency to calculate how much their graduate education will cost and the best financing options. The VCU student tax guide also provides basic information about the tax status of payments made to students by VCU. You’ll find all of that information here.

Graduate tuition and fees

Visit the Graduate School website for details on graduate tuition and fees.

The Student Accounting Department publishes a full schedule of tuition, fees and university charges, as well as billing policies and procedures. For complete information on all university charges, call the office at (804) 828-2228.

Determination of residency

In-state tuition rates at VCU are granted to residents of the commonwealth of Virginia, as well as nonresidents who have been reclassified as a Virginia resident for tuition purposes.

Out-of-state students seeking in-state tuition rates must provide clear documentation that they are living in Virginia for a primary purpose other than attending school. If you are requesting in-state tuition rates, include the application for Virginia in-state tuition with your application packet or you will be classified as an out-of-state student.

Applicants will be informed of their residency status in the Graduate School letter of acceptance.

For questions about your eligibility for in-state tuition benefits or how to appeal classification, contact the residency office in the Office of Records and Registration. Additional information on domiciliary status in the commonwealth of Virginia is available from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Graduate assistantships and fellowships

Graduate teaching and research assistantships and fellowships are awarded to new and continuing graduate students. Details are available on the Graduate School website.

Employment opportunities

In addition to financial aid, VCU offers work-study positions and full- and part-time employment with the university. The following departments can offer support when searching for employment options at VCU.

Work-study and student worker positions

For students who qualify for work-study, which is awarded through the VCU Office of Financial Aid, a complete list of positions and other student worker opportunities is available from the University Career Center. Hire and start dates are determined by financial aid, and students are usually able to start working during the first week of classes.

Part-time resident assistant positions

VCU has resident assistant and residence director positions available for graduate students at all on-campus residence halls. Staff members receive a stipend based on the length of their contract, as well as a meal plan allowance and housing arrangements. Students interested in employment as residence hall staff may contact VCU Residential Life and Housing.

VCU employment and Human Resources Division

With more than 19,000 faculty, staff and hourly employees, VCU is the single-largest employer in the city of Richmond. A current listing of full- and part-time job openings with the university is available on the VCU website and is also accessible through the VCU Human Resources website.

Funding opportunities

The VCU Graduate School oversees graduate funding opportunities.

Student tax guide

VCU graduate students must comply with this student tax reference guide as set forth by the Internal Revenue Service.

Students are responsible for completing the correct tax forms and providing up-to-date information regarding their tax status to the university’s payroll department.