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Apply to VCU

You’ve selected a graduate program at Virginia Commonwealth University and are ready to apply — here’s a run-through of everything you need to gather before submitting your application.

  1. If you are applying for graduate admission for the Summer or Fall 2015 semester, click here to access the graduate admissions’ online application.
  2. Review application requirements for your program in the Graduate Bulletin. If the program requires supplemental application materials such as reference letters or resumes, send them directly to the program unless it asks you to send all documents to the Office of Admissions.
  3. If your name has changed since you last attended, applied to, worked for or filed for financial aid at VCU, you must note your previous and current name on all submitted documents.
  4. Make sure to submit a separate application, application fee and complete set of official documentation for each graduate program you apply for.

Late applications might be accepted under some circumstances, but students who do not apply at least one month before the semester begins risk losing eligibility for financial aid.

Application fee

A nonrefundable $65 application fee is required with each graduate program application. You will be asked to submit your payment at the end of your online application.

Transfer credit

For questions about transferring graduate credits, contact the director of the program to which you’re applying.

In-state tuition

For in-state tuition rates, you must be a Virginia resident or provide clear documentation that you are living in Virginia for a primary purpose other than attending school. Your Graduate School letter of acceptance will state your residency status.

Personal statement

All graduate and professional program applicants must submit a personal statement about why they are interested in a particular graduate program. The statement should include:

  • Your career goals and how the graduate program would help you meet those goals
  • Prior work and life experiences related to your interest and aptitude for the program
  • Your perception of your intellectual capability to successfully complete the graduate program
  • Information about academic honors or professional awards, including scholarships, fellowships, prizes, honorary society memberships, publications, inventions or other creative work

If appropriate, attach a resume or vita that includes all relevant information and professional designations. The personal statement should be sent to the appropriate graduate program address.


Three letters of reference are required for each program and should be submitted online by your recommenders. Instructions for how to do so are included in the online application. Letters should address your academic and professional abilities and preparation for graduate study.

Faculty member and student reviewing paperwork

Complete Section I of each reference form PDF before sending it to your reference along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Instruct your references to seal the envelope, sign across the seal and return the reference form to you. Do not break the seal. The contents will not be released to you or anyone else except the admissions committee if you sign the waiver of your right to inspect the reference.

References can also email their letters to; they must include your full name and the program you’re applying to in the subject line. School of the Arts applicants are required to submit references online.


You must submit one official copy of all final transcripts from each institution you have attended. Each final transcript should indicate the degree conferred from the institution and should be sent to VCU in envelopes sealed by the institution issuing the documents. Transcripts stamped with “Issued to Student” are accepted if the sealed envelope has not been opened. Please note that a transcript from every institution you have attended is required. You may upload unofficial transcripts onto your online application; however, official transcripts should be submitted if you are admitted to the university.

Official transcripts that are not in English must be accompanied by an official English translation. The Office of Admissions reserves the right to request English translations of diplomas prior to granting admission.

Prospective students who have studied outside of the U.S. must provide an official course-by-course external credential evaluation as a required part of the admissions process. This report should be sealed and unopened, and sent directly to the Office of Admissions. All official transcripts and relevant credentials (e.g., diplomas and marksheets) will be required if admitted. All external credential evaluations should be no older than two years as of the official date received by the Office of Admissions. Once credentials and/or credential evaluations are sent to VCU, they will not be returned to the prospective student or sent to a third party.

The following professional evaluators are recognized at Virginia Commonwealth University:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)

P.O. Box 92970

Milwaukee, Wis. 53202-0970


Phone: (414) 289-3400

Fax: (414) 289-3411


*** Recommended for undergraduate Engineering and School of Nursing.

World Education Services (WES)

P.O. Box 5087

Bowling Green Station

New York, N.Y. 10274-5087


Phone: (212) 966-6311

Fax: (212) 739-6100


*** Not recommended for High School transcripts

SpanTran Evaluation Services

2400 Augusta Drive, Suite 451

Houston, Texas 77057

Phone: (713) 266-8805

Fax: (713) 789-6022



*** Provide translation services as well

Academic Evaluation Services, Inc.

5620 East Fowler Ave., Suite E

Tampa, Fla. 33617

Phone: (813) 374-2020

Fax: (813) 374-2023



Academic Credentials Evaluations Institute, Inc.

P.O. Box 6908

Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212

Phone: (310) 275-3530

Fax: (310) 275-3528


3213 West Wheelers Street, #287

Seattle, Wash. 98199

Phone: (206) 257-4249

Fax: (206) 687-7944


Security and fire safety report

Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to assisting all members of the community in providing for their own safety and security. The current annual security and fire safety report is available on the VCU website located at PDF.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the report, you can stop by the VCU Police Department at 938 W. Grace St. or you can request that a copy be mailed to you by calling (804) 828-6334.

The report contains information regarding campus security, personal safety, and fire and crime statistics related to our university community.